Each EMI employee strives for different goals:
for someone, the development of personal and professional qualities is more important, while someone wants to be pride and an example for their family.
But we all have one thing in common -
we all want to make the world around us a little bit better.

That is why we have decided on long-term cooperation*
with the "Dobry Andel" foundation.
And that is why we will transfer 0,5 € from each E.MiLac sold in our online store monthly to the chosen fund
in order to help those who need it.

In addition, on the checkout page in our online store you can also leave a tip, which will also serve as support for those
who need it vital (right above the "Proceed to checkout" button).

Help us to help other!
Thank you <3
October 2021
E.MiLac sold, pcs
322 pcs
161 €
187 pcs
94 €
171 pcs
86 €
174 pcs
87 €
* Here on this page you can check the presence of our company in the register of "good angels" (write "E.Mi - International" in the search box).
Our registration number is 21112077.