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New! NAILCRUST Pattern Sliders

NAILCRUST Pattern Sliders

12 uthor collections are created by Ekaterina Miroshnichenko especially for Nailcrust. Bas-relief Manicure technique.
Must-have of the demanded nail-master! Modelling flowers became easy even for beginning nail-masters. Now it’s possible to create complicated texture bas-relief manicure on the nails.

The wide range of patterns provides endless opportunities for nail-masters.

NAILCRUST Pattern Sliders are claimed to simplify the process of the procedure.

1.PNG    2.PNG    3.PNG    4.PNG

5.PNG    6.PNG    8.PNG    7.PNG

9.PNG    10.PNG    11.PNG    12.PNG

13.PNG    14.PNG    15.PNG    16.PNG

17.PNG    18.PNG    19.PNG    20.PNG

21.PNG    22.PNG    23.PNG    24.PNG

25.PNG    26.PNG    27.PNG    28.PNG

29.PNG    30.PNG    31.PNG    32.PNG


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