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<a href=""><img src="" alt="INTERBEAUTY Prague 2013ddddd" width="700" height="295" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-10937" /></a></a><p lang="ru-RU" align="JUSTIFY"><span style="font-size: small;"><strong><span style="font-family: Calibri,sans-serif;">School of Nail Design invites all interested to visit the stand of the School of nail design by E. Miroshnichenko at the exhibition INTERBEAUTY PRAGUE, which will take place from 5. 4 to 6. 4. 2013.</span><span style="font-family: Calibri,sans-serif;"></span></strong></span></p><!--more--></span></strong></span></p>


<strong>Zveme Mistry nehtov? model??e k n?v?t?v? st?nku ?koly nehtov?ho designu E. Miroshnichenko na v?stav? INTERBEAUTY PRAHA, kter? se bude konat od 5.4. do 6.4.2013.</strong>

Mezin?rodn? veletrh INTERBEAUTY PRAGUE, kter? se stal bezesporu nejv?znamn?j??m odborn?m kosmetick?m veletrhem v ?esk? republice, bude ji? tradi?n? zam??en na sou?asn? trendy v kosmetick?ch oborech, zejm?na na anti-aging, dermatokosmetiku a modelaci postavy, wellness, relaxaci a zdrav? ?ivotn? styl. St??ejn?mi vystavovatelsk?mi kategoriemi budou tradi?n? kosmetika, manik?ra a pedik?ra, p??e o vlasy, vybaven? salon?, SPA centra a p??stroje pro ple? a t?lo.
Na st?nku ?koly E. Miroshnichenko si budete moci zakoupit produkty pro Art Nail design, kter? byly vytvo?eny speci?ln? pro jemnou a precizn? pr?ci nehtov?ho design?ra. Mezi n? bezesporu pat?? gelov? barvy, ?t?tce, n?stroje, dekorace a dopl?ky pro tuto pr?ci. Stejn? tak jako jedine?n? autorsk? p??ru?ky pro nehtov? design, kter? umo??uj? i samostatn? prov?d?t mistrovsk? malov?n? na nehty. Na st?nku se budete moci z??astnit mistrovsk?ch kurz? u E. Miroshnichenko, kter? p?edvede mo?nosti Nail designu. Dozv?te se, jak malovat kv?tiny s tenk?m obrysem, francouzskou manik?ru, nau??te se efektu craquelure, jak ud?lat imitaci k??e plaz?, vytvo?it kovov? efekt, zlat? lit? a mnoho dal??ho. Pouze v dob? trv?n? v?stavy si m??ete koupit v?robky za speci?ln? ceny!


<strong>T???me se na Va?i n?v?t?vu na na?em st?nku! P??padn? dal?? informace poskytneme na telefonu +420773208276</strong>


<strong>We invite masters of nail service to visit the stand of the School of nail design by E. Miroshnichenko at the exhibition INTERBEAUTY PRAGUE, which will take place from 5. 4 to 6. 4. 2013.</strong>


The INTERBEAUTY PRAGUE international fair, which has without a doubt become the most important professional cosmetics fair in the Czech Republic. As has become tradition, the fair will once again focus on the latest trends in cosmetics fields, particularly anti-aging, dermatocosmetics and shaping of the body, wellness, relaxation and a healthy lifestyle. The main exhibition categories will traditionally be cosmetics, manicure and pedicure, hair care, salon furniture and equipment, SPA centers and skin and body care instruments. The fair takes place in April 5 — 6, 2013.


At the stand of the school by E. Miroshnichenko, you can buy products E.mi, which was created with all the subtleties and nuances of the nail designer. You will find gel paints, brushes, tools, decorations and accessories for the nail services. As well as the unique author’s textbooks about nail design, which allows to carry out by you master paintings on the nails. At the stand you will be able to attend the master classes of E. Miroshnichenko, who demonstrates the possibility of nail design. You will learn how to paint flowers with a thin stroke, rainbow French manicures, learn craquelure effect, imitation leather reptile, the effect of the metal, gold casting and much more. Only in the exhibition period, you can buy products at special prices!


<strong>Looking forward to seeing you at our stand! Details by phone: +420 773 208 276</strong>