Antifungal – nail growth stimulator, 9 ml.

Nail growth stimulator, fungal diseases prevention, and curing.
Active ingredients:
Tolnaftate – an effective antiseptic for preventing and curing fungal diseases.
Ethyl acetate – favors rapid absorption, generates the protection film on the nail plate.

  • Fungus prevention. Thanks to the special ingredients, Antifungal is recommended for preventing fungal diseases in case of onycholysis.
  • Strong healthy nails. Stimulates the growth of weakened damaged nails, prevents delamination, restores and strengthens the nails.
  • Minimum consumption. The liquid consistency ensures an economical consumption.
  • 7-Free; cruelty-free.

How to Use
In case of onycholysis, pour out drop under the sinus of the nail twice per day, until the nail gets fully regrown. To recover the weakened damaged nails, saturate the prepared nails, wait until dry, then apply the nail-polish coating.

(!) Treatment can be accelerated using Protect Oil (tea tree oil) in addition to the antifungal, rubbing it into the cuticle with massage movement.
Thanks to the massage, the blood flow to the matrix is provided, which stimulates the growth of the nail, rapid recovery and recuperation.
Protect Oil also has an additional preventive effect against the fungus.