E.MiLac Color EMI #424, 9 ml

The Color EMI shade perfectly matches the color of the EMI gel polishes bottle. This recognizable shade is immediately associated with the company and represents EMI's signature shade in the palette. Pink color - feminine, carefree, gentle, soft, romantic. It is a real symbol of tenderness and softness. Due to its classic light tone, it is considered ideal for creating romantic looks.

EMI has been able to create a unique brand shade that grabs attention and instantly evokes associations with the
company. The muted pink shade is perfectly complemented by other colors from the base palette, allowing you to create designs for any mood and event.

The highly pigmented formula ensures color stability throughout the entire wearing period, and thanks to the ideal viscosity, the gel polish quickly self-levels and dries in the lamp. The original semi-circular brush provides even coverage and allows you to apply the material as close as possible to the cuticle and side ridges.