Energy Hardener, 9 ml

The multifunctional strengthener provides holistic care for nails, acting on three levels. Thanks to its absorption into the nail, Energy Hardener strengthens its structure, increasing strength from the inside. A combination of plasticizers and pigments helps to smooth the plate and neutralize yellowing to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the nails. And the combination of UV absorbers and a protective film creates an additional barrier against the negative impact of the environment.

  • Suitable for home use and for salon clients who prefer nail polish.
  • The subdued light-blue semi-transparent color with a glossy shine and a cool undertone instantly provides the effect of neutralizing yellowing.
  • The unique dense, self-leveling consistency effectively smoothens unevenness on the nail plate, giving a visible thickening and hardness.
  • Perfect for pedicures! Strengthens and protects while maintaining the natural flexibility of the nail plate.
  • Dries quickly and imparts a well-groomed, healthy look.

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