Nail Polish for Stamping #13 Gold, 9 ml

Nail Polish for Stamping is a special kind of nail polish for stamping design technique. Compared to Ultra Strong Gel Effect Polishes, Nail Polishes for Stamping have a more pigmented formula, providing a rich and dense color to create a uniform and contrasting design on any base.

  • A trendy shade beyond time – noble gold. The gentle shine of precious metal will accentuate your grace and sophisticated taste.
  • Versatility. Suitable for any occasion – whether it's a business meeting or a festive event. Golden shade easily matches outfits and accessories of various styles.
  • High pigmentation and rich color – the shade is dense and easy to read.
  • Perfect consistency. Due to its thickness, the nail polish does not spread on the plate and allows for easy transfer of designs onto the nail.
  • Speedy design that doesn't require drawing skills.