The NEW! EMI Capsule 3. Reforming.

EMI Design Capsule is a ready-made design solution for nail coating. The capsule is a combination of 2 gel polishes, combined boldly and unconventionally.
The EMI Design Capsule 3. Reforming includes:
▪️Two gel polishes, 9 ml: clear blue and rich red with fine shimmer and shades;
▪️Look-book; Adhesive labels for nail display tips.
▪️Unique Charmicon 3D Silicone Sticker #184 Capsule 3 EMI Design Capsule 3.
Reforming is the first of 4 capsules in a cycle. EMI Design Capsules 2021 shares a common concept - neo-futurism. Each of the 4 capsules answers one of the cornerstones of the neo-futuristic era and provides more and more inspiration. By the opening the EMI design capsule, you lift the veil of the near future - the era of neo-futurism.
What is it like?
• Humanity has created the fifth element - digital reality.
But what does it mean?
• Capsule 3.
Will there be space for creativity?
• The machine becomes an integral part of the creative process.

Thanks to new materials, new shapes. The creativity and boundlessness of the mind is the engine of the entire technical apparatus. Creativity does not die, it is reformed. Symbolism in shades.
The inspiration of the soul, symbolized by a sparkling scarlet hue, is complemented by advanced technology that does not have an emotional manifestation. It is the cold blue color that is considered the recognition of a spiritual impulse.