Nail Recover, 9 ml

Nail Recover is a must-have agent for nail treatment after artificial nails removal. Infused with a highly concentrated blend of active components, Nail Recover provides both protection and strengthening for natural nails, which require specialized care after removing gel polish or a gel system. This is a 1st step in artificial nails post removal processing, helping to immediately supply the nails with keratin, normalize cell metabolism with panthenol, create a protective layer with calcium and prevent possible detachment, that could lead to the spread of fungus.

  • Back to natural. Removing the artificial nails and be sure your nails receive special treatment.
  • Prevention is better than cure. Nail Recover helps to avoid the spread of fungus when the nails are particularly vulnerable.
  • Compatible care. Fast absorption and compatibility with other agents from Nail Treatment and Recovery line allow for customization of the procedure.

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