E.MiLac Root Cause #476-481, 9 ml

The Root Cause collection of pastel shades is the epitome of the primary and the permanent. Lightly powdered shades highlight natural motifs, completing the look thanks to the depth and inner completeness of the shades.

A laconic manicure in pastel colors will be a great break from lush nail art, buried in sparkles. The shades of the collection provide an opportunity to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle and find answers to questions that are truly important.

Beige-peach shade #476 “Ecru” is the color of unbleached silk and linen. An ideal choice for creating a natural and natural manicure.
Pink shade #477 “Contemplation” is suitable for creating a delicate manicure that spreads like a luxurious veil. This is a universal candy shade suitable for any age and style.
Shade #478 “Tactility” is a delicate lilac shade that is gaining popularity. This color is suitable for creating a romantic feminine manicure. Playful airiness, emphasizing the sentimentality of the image.
#479 “Palo Santo” is a dusty gray-violet color, ideal for creating a soft and calm look. Add a touch of freshness and lightness to your look.
Gray color #480 “Modesty” is a muted shade with a slight grayish haze. An excellent solution for creating a business, discreet image.
Shade #481 “Lucidity” is a soft blue shade that creates a spring mood and gives your nails a sweet and fresh look. A shade for connoisseurs of minimalism and elegance.