New fantastic charmicons #217-220

Charmicon 3D Silicone Stickers #217 Stardust
Charmicon 3D Silicone Stickers #218 Starfall
We dream about the stars, review our favorite films about the universe and add romance to the image with stylish elements: the Milky Way, a scattering of stars, cute inscriptions and inspirational phrases. The astronomical theme will be relevant in any season, complementing the manicure in both classic and creative designs.

Charmicon 3D Silicone Stickers #219 Cozy Autumn
In the new season, we could not help with adding coziness and tenderness by decorations with classic elements that are companions of autumn spirit: falling leaves, hot coffee, pumpkin pie, romantic branches. Mix these motives with mood phrases and get inspired.

Charmicon 3D Silicone Stickers #220 Chaos
One of the main trends of the coming autumn is grunge. Rough shapes and provocative elements, daring portraits and graphic animals, cards and mushrooms will go well with bright colors and even nude and shimmer shades to support both lines: trend for a daring street style and a balance of strength and fragility.