Spectrum Gels collection, 15 g

It's time to add bold colors to familiar procedures! Neon gels from the Spectrum collection will perfectly complement the nail designer's gel palette. Bright shades will transform the routine procedure of modeling into a trendy creative project. The new formula of quick self-leveling gels with low viscosity is suitable for modeling, free edge extension, strengthening, and repair.

  • A futuristic spectrum. Neon shades help bring the boldest creative ideas into reality. Future shades for present-day looks.
  • An advanced formula ensures quality sculpting. Fast self-leveling facilitates application, and the gel structure allows for modeling on both paper and dual forms.
  • Flexible rigidity. Next-generation polymers form a coating that withstands extreme bending even in a thin layer.
  • Long-lasting coverage. Material durability provides coverage resistant to damage, chipping, and peeling for several weeks.

Master the entire spectrum of this summer!


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