E.MiLac One step for pedicure #7-11, 9 ml

E.MiLac for pedicure is a palette of classic shades. Exciting burgundy or fragile pink, dreamy peach or ardent scarlet - timeless shades that suit any look and mood. They do not require the use of a base and top, are applied in a thin layer, do not create extra thickness, and save time and costs for the master.

5 classic shades:

1. E.MiLac for pedicure Peachy #7 is a dreamy and refreshing peach shade.
2. E.MiLac for pedicure Rosy #8 is an airy, soft pink shade.
3. E.MiLac for pedicure Scarlet #9 is a flirty and playful scarlet shade.
4. E.MiLac for pedicure Ruby #10 is a captivating and bold ruby shade.
5. E.MiLac for pedicure Maroon #11 is a sensual and luxurious burgundy shade.

Peachy #7
Rosy #8
Scarlet #9
Ruby #10
Maroon #11