Set Nail Decor Box Gabrielle

Dear partners,
we are pleased to announce you the release of a new product — Set Nail Decor Box Gabrielle!

Set Gabrielle Nail Decor Box is a limited edition set of classic stylish gel polishes and decorations inspired by the work of one of the greatest designers - Coco Chanel.

• Unique style. Inspired by the looks created by the famous fashion house, we present a classic fashion capsule collection based on the most significant accents of the Chanel brand. Chanel designs are associated with elegance, understated sexuality and femininity.
• Originality. A limited selection of sophisticated gel polish shades and unique branded decorations for stylish designs. The products are easily combined with each other and complement each other perfectly.
• Nail Artist's inspiration. The classic stylish palette of gel polishes is created on the basis of main shades from the Chanel collections, and in combination with branded elements and textures in the decorations, it makes the designs unique. A specially designed look-book will help you to bring your design ideas to life and save your client’s time on choosing a nail design.