Halo Gel, Flicker Gel, Lumin Gel, 15 g

Halo Gel, Flicker Gel, and Lumin Gel are created for modeling, extending the free edge, strengthening, correcting, smoothing, and repairing, for work with a file and without it. Suitable for all types of nail plates: healthy, thin, weakened. Below average viscosity.

The key features:

Intense and luxurious radiance that captivates the eyes.

  • Striking and noble: refined brilliance, breathtaking glowing, or innocent shimmering capture attention and complete the look with expressive accents.
  • Comfortable modeling. Easy-to-apply gels are well-moldable and even, they don't spread and require minimal filing, allowing the nail technician to save time and achieve nail extensions of any shape and length.
  • Long-lasting coverage. The material's durability ensures a coating resistant to damage, chips, and peeling for several weeks.


Halo Gel, 15 g.

Lumin Gel, 15 g.