Stamping plates EMI #15-17

Stamping plates #15-17 – an inspiring trio with the most relevant prints: floral, animalistic, and abstract patterns, fashionable prints, smooth lines, and marine elements.

  • In-demand seasonal designs – quickly and easily!
  • High-quality deep engraving guarantees clear printing of the pattern.
  • Protective film and additional packaging for protection against damage.
  • Plastic backing for convenience of use and protection against deformation.
  • To create the perfect design, we recommend using EMI stamping polishes and stampers.
Stamping plate #15 Magic of nature. Floral designs are an eternal symbol of beauty, romanticism, and femininity. Floral motifs, petals, florariums, exotics, and butterflies increase their influence in the world of fashion with each passing year and never leave the trends of the seasons. The most top-notch botanical prints have already been assembled into a unified harmonious composition; all that's left is to transfer the print and admire the result.

Stamping plate #16 Inspiration. Abstract patterns, romantic hearts, inscriptions, and animalistic prints - all in one plate for a multitude of diverse designs, combinations, and styles. The name of the plate speaks for itself: mix and match the elements of the plate, inspire and be inspired!

Stamping plate #17 Oceanica. The plate, inspired by the splendor of the deep sea, captivates the imagination with vivid emotions of the approaching summer. Classic stripes, nets, scales, and waves are true symbols of maritime aesthetics. Visualize dreams and use ready-made patterns to create a summer mood, complementing them with individual elements that will become real treasures on your nails.