E.MiLac Camouflage Base Gel #15-17, 9 ml

E.MiLac Camouflage Base Gel # 15-17, 9 ml - professional camouflage gel polish bases for levelling and modelling the nail plate, removed by soaking.

  • Three velvet shades to reflect your sophistication, sophistication and showiness.
  • Self-levels in a few seconds, creating a perfectly flat surface.
  • Ideal for mono manicure in minimalist style.
  • Ready-made color solution for design manicure.
  • Comfortable to use: medium viscosity, strong adhesion.

French Pink #15 - French pink as the embodiment of style and grace, a reflection of freedom and femininity in your manicure.

Pale Buffy #16 - a bright shade of spring mimosa will give expressiveness and a feeling of warmth to the manicure.

Powder Pink #17 - a cold powdery pink shade of a camouflage base that emphasizes sophistication and fragility.

Before using the camouflage base, it is recommended to use E.MiLac Base Gel.

French Pink #15
Pale Buffy #16
Powder Pink #17