Affirmations Nail Decor Set

Affirmations Nail Decor Set

Affirmations Nail Decor Set is a limited edition set that continues the theme of capsule-themed collections of gel polishes and decorations. Affirmations, mindfulness, balance wheels, spheres of life, self-care, and fulfillment of desires are the themes of the new set.

For the first time, the set is packed in a box, and in addition to the decorations, there is a themed stamping plate designed exclusively for the set. Furthermore, the set includes nail display tips, a postcard with a link to an electronic look-book with master classes, and ready-made design solutions.

The key features:

  • A READY-MADE SOLUTION FOR THE MASTER - we have already thought out designs that your customers will be delighted with.
  • A limited set of 4 gel polishes, a stamping plate, and 4 sliders, continuing a series of capsule themed collections.
  • The trend toward awareness and life balance. Short positive statements can motivate, help in changing the way of thinking, and help in the visualization of goals and desires. We offer you to boldly use the trend in nail design: a phrase in combination with a photo will emphasize the manicure and be a reminder of cherished dreams and life priorities.
  • Shades of gel polish in combination with thematic sliders and a stamping plate allow you to create an infinite number of bright designs, and the lookbook will prompt ready-made manicure ideas and inspire new solutions and images.