E.MiLac Viva Magenta #423

E.MiLac Viva Magenta #423 is a gel polish in the Pantone shade of 2023 "Viva Magenta".

Throughout the year, experts analyze significant events in the fields of culture, sports, art, cinema, global trends, processes, and moods in society. Based on the research results, the color of the next year is chosen.

The color of 2023 combines the richness, warmth, and power of nature. At the same time, Viva Magenta demonstrates the spirit of experimentation and shows the dynamic relationship between human creativity and the pragmatism of the digital world.

The key features:

  • Introducing the color of the year 2023, according to the Pantone Color Institute—welcome to Magentaverse!
  • This is a complex crimson-red shade —neither cold nor warm. Viva Magenta symbolizes sincere joy and freedom of expression, optimism, inspiration, and rebellion. This is the color of celebration and diversity; it has a lot of energy without being aggressive.
  • The highly pigmented gel polish formula ensures color stability throughout the entire period of wear.
  • Perfect texture and viscosity: not too thick and not liquid, quickly self-levels and dries in the lamp.
  • The original semicircular brush provides a uniform coating and allows you to apply the material as close as possible to the cuticle and side rollers.