E.MiLac Bird of Passage #468-475, 9 ml

"Bird of Passage" - a sense of freedom and tranquility!

The palette of eight shades is saturated with color and emotions! They are all capable of turning ordinary moments into special ones and capturing them in memories.

"Bird of Passage" will give you a sense of freedom and tranquility, as the shades will perfectly complement the azure coast and the bright summer sun!

The collection reflects the spirit of experimentation and self-expression: each shade is like an echo of a free-spirited paradise bird ready to take flight into the sky and explore new horizons!

  • Bright pink shade #468 "Pink Horizon" is a versatile pink shade adding tenderness and lightness to the look.
  • Apricot shade #469 "Siesta Hour" is the main color of the year according to the Pantone Color Institute, reminiscent of summer sun and warm days, its brightness and freshness energize and create a positive mood.
  • Yellow color #470 “Feather Grass" is a stimulator of positive energy, a shade that suits any skin tone and emphasizes a playful mood.
  • #471 "Sandcastle" is shimmering transparent shade for creating a mermaid manicure. In the new season, there is no need to fear the shiny effect, just shine.
  • Bright green #472 "August Heat" reflects the last month of summer: a beautiful, happy, carefree time loved by everyone.
  • Shade #473 “Fair Wind" is a gentle blue, reminiscent of the lightness and warmth of a summer breeze.
  • Lilac shade #474 "Siren Song" immerses in memories of purple-pink stripes of a summer sunset, giving the mood nostalgic and philosophical notes.
  • #475 "Lime Splash" is a bright juicy lime color, it will add energy and fun to the look, reflecting the spirit of experimentation and a bit of rebellion.


E.MiLac Pink Horizon #468, 9 ml.
E.MiLac Siesta Hour #469, 9 ml.
E.MiLac Feather Grass #470, 9 ml.
E.MiLac Sandcastle #471, 9 ml.
E.MiLac August Heat #472, 9 ml.
E.MiLac Fair Wind #473, 9 ml.
E.MiLac Siren Song #474, 9 ml.
E.MiLac Lime Splash #475, 9 ml.