Naildress Slider Design #92, 93, 97, 98

Naildress Slider Design №92 Autumn Leaves
Artists know how to work with paints and find beautiful color schemes, and nature is the best of painters. Natural autumn shades in all their diversity are trending this season. Chestnuts, acorns and nuts, combined with autumn leaves of warm shades, create a cozy look - it will turn out to be original and stylish in autumn.

Naildress Slider Design #93 Walk in the woods
We appreciate the time spent in nature, especially when there are not so many sunny days a year. The trend to merge with nature and a healthy lifestyle is becoming part of the daily routine, so take care of a suitable manicure. Light branches, delicate leaves, soft cotton and pastel flowers will make the look sweet and elegant. Floral print will never get old, and forest motifs will bring playfulness and airiness to the image.

Naildress Slider Design №97 Mystic
Symbols and signs, like many other ornaments, naturally became part of fashion. It's time to try a new style in nail design with bold and non-standard decorations. Mystical signs and celestial bodies of various shapes and sizes, hypnotic stars and planets, mysterious symbols and bold snakes - designers offer to wear both together and separately, without fear of experimentation this fall.

Naildress Slider Design №98 Hypnosis
Geometry and hypnotic patterns are the best prints to add a futuristic touch to your look. This season, designers are clearly looking to the distant future and are confidently experimenting with prints and elements - streamlined lines, repeating geometric shapes in black and white. Decorations in this style will be an unusual addition to the classic look.