Set Duality

A special Duality set is designed for high-quality two-step manicure. A combination of the best developments from EMI will not only shorten the gel polish manicure procedure, but also take care of the condition of the client’s nails. A special HEMA free Kera Base Gel, enriched with keratin, is suitable for sensitive nails. Fiber Base Gel with fiber particles, calcium and proteins will provide the additional strength needed for weak nails. 4 colored top coats without a sticky layer in classic shades will reduce the duration and cost of the procedure.

Save time without compromising on quality with Duality. Work less, earn more! Save up to 30 minutes and 25% of the cost of the procedure thanks to the Color Top Gels.

Personalization is easy! The combination of products will allow you to choose a solution for different types of nails and manicure techniques. Favorable price. Make the procedure even more profitable with a special price for the set. 10% more profitable than all products separately.

Set Duality - faster, better quality, more profitable!

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