Naildress Slider Design #113, 114, 115

Naildress Slider Design - thematic figurative slider designs, developed using proprietary technologies, to create complex striking combinations with "Velvet Sand," "Liquid Stone" gel, EMPASTA, Charmicon, Gemty gels, TEXTONE, foil, and pigments.

Naildress Slider Design #113 Flower chains

  • Noble and refined - the first words that come to mind when seeing this decoration.
  • Bouquets of small flowers will delicately and gracefully complement various color schemes and become an addition to any design.
  • Ready-made compositions of diverse flowers will save the master's time and easily fit into quick designs. A single chain of flowers, thanks to its size, can be used in several designs.

Naildress Slider Design #114 Cute cups

  • A quick way to create happiness: flowers and a cup of your favorite drink. In the decoration "Lovely Cups," everything we love is gathered.
  • It's time to choose plant decorations because they are inseparably linked to warmth, coziness, and comfort.
  • Lovely cups paired with flowers is an unusual combination, refreshing the everyday image, making it unique and amusing.

Naildress Slider Design #115 Flower portraits

Non-standard and whimsical nature has found its expression in imaginative silhouettes and "natural" decorations. Modern nail designs combined with natural wooden, pastel, and sandy tones will create a calm and meditative mood. And the invisible, elastic, and super-thin base of the sliders will make the process very simple and convenient.

  • Individuality: creating unique and diverse designs.
  • Creativity: a wide selection of patterns that easily complement each other.
  • Ease of application: without the use of special tools.
  • Quality: durable, do not lose sharpness and brightness.