Set E.MiLac Hunt Club #425-432, 6 and 9 ml

Set Hunt Club is an invariably luxurious palette of exclusive shades in one box! The colors of the collection convey a special atmosphere of tranquility that immerses you in the magical world of autumn landscapes and opens up boundless possibilities for creativity.

Do you want to acquaint yourself with the entire palette of shades from the Hunt Club collection? The color indicator nail display tips assist you. This is an excellent way to provide customers with the opportunity to assess the palette and choose their perfect shade before a manicure or pedicure procedure.

Convenient packaging in a stylish box ensures safe storage of gel polishes after purchase and allows you to take the collection with you on trips.

This ready-made solution provides novice artists with everything they need for work: cost savings compared to purchasing individual gel polishes, a wide range of shades, ease of use, and the opportunity to experiment. It's the perfect choice for those who are just starting their journey in the nail service industry and aspire to become successful professionals.

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