Nail polish for stamping #12 Silver, 9 ml

Nail Polish for Stamping is a special kind of nail polish for stamping design technique. Compared to Ultra Strong Gel Effect Polishes, Nail Polishes for Stamping have a more pigmented formula, providing a rich and dense color to create a uniform and contrasting design on any base.

Nail polish for stamping #12 Silver is the radiant metallic silver shade. It is versatile, and capable of enhancing the advantages of other tones, making them more vibrant and profound. The nail polish adheres well to the stamping plate, effortlessly transferring onto the nail surface, and is easily removed from the stamping plate. The optimal drying speed allows for a clear transfer of the design without smudging.

Nail polish for stamping + stamping plate is the perfect solution for creating a design without drawing skills in just a few seconds.