Acrygels Festival, 4 colours with shimmer!

Acrygels Festival, 4 colours with shimmer!

Acrygel Festival Green, 30 ml
Acrygel Festival Pink, 30 ml
Acrygel Festival Purple, 30 ml
Acrygel Festival White, 30 ml

Let's make a festival! Bright shades with glitter are at the peak of popularity in the summer season!

Creating an everlasting manicure without sealing the free edge has never been easier.

Universal: suitable for weak and damaged nails; strengthens, shapes, and lengthens.

Causes no detachments on the free edge and near the nail cuticles. Acrygel = best properties of acryl + best properties of gel: manageable and plastic; lighter and stronger; odorless; does not run when applied on the nail; produces a heavier filing dust that gravitates to the desk. 

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Acrygel Festival Green, 30 g. ( 
Acrygel Festival White, 30 g ( 
Acrygel Festival Pink, 30 g. ( 
Acrygel Festival Purple, 30 g. (