Naildress Slider Design #94-96, 99-100 — Fall/Winter 2022-23 Collection!

Naildress Slider Design No. 94 Wildlife
Adding audacity and boldness to the classic nature print. In addition to the leaves, flowers and branches that everyone loves, we were inspired by wildlife motifs at the autumn-winter shows and added realistic insects: bugs, butterflies, frogs and flies will complement the look and add playfulness even to classic autumn shades in manicure. Do not be afraid to experiment – such designs will definitely become one
of your favorites.

Naildress Slider Design No. 95 Mushrooms
One of the main alternatives to the classic floral print this coming sea­son is the mushroom print. We advise you to take a closer look at this trend on the runways and add mushroom print designs to your saved list of ideas. Realistic, futuristic, different sizes and shapes, bright colors and black and white - mushrooms in nail design cheer up and refresh the image, while they can be very elegant.

Naildress Slider Design No. 96 Tattoo Patterns
Try adding prints with tattoo motifs and bohemian elements to your manicure, which immediately make the look more non-standard and multifaceted - one that you want to look at for as long as possible. The abundance of stars in different combinations, lotus flowers, ethnic elements and beautiful female faces - the image created with such decorations looks, on the one hand, simple, but at the same time stylish and memorable.

Naildress Slider Design No. 99 Gold Ornament
 In the upcoming season, gold is returning to trends with renewed vigor: gold-plated clothing and accessories have been seen in the collections of many designers. We suggest adapting this trend in manicure - thin lines in the style of marble, patterns similar to the golden veins of leaves and flowers, as well as an abstract pattern with white accents will emphasize the sophistication of the design. 

Naildress Slider Design No. 100 Fonts
Lettering and fonts in nail designs are an easy way to add personality to your manicure this fall. Bold black for newspaper headlines, or cute and childishly naïve comic book-style stickers, it’s up to you. The combination of different fonts, graphics, backgrounds and text directions is a good stylistic device. Design with an unusual font print will not go unnoticed!