Soft Rose Gel, Soft Daisy Gel, Soft Iris Gel

The key selling features (to define the selling features based on advantages and disadvantages of the product):
  • Three sophisticated shades: delicate and dreamy pink, soft and airy blue, discreet and inspiring purple.
  • Versatile pastel tones: harmonize with each other, pair with bright designs and flatter any skin tone.
  • Trendy pastel shades: naturalness becomes the new classic in the fashion world.
  • Comfortable consistency and self-modeling: easy to apply, does not run and holds its shape perfectly, self-levels and requires minimal filing.
  • 100% self-modeling: the gel aligns well and requires minimal filing, which helps the artist save time.

Soft Rose Gel
  • The camouflage gel in a pastel pink color for nail sculpting.
  •  Pastel pink is a trendy and versatile shade, suitable as a basis for a stylish nail design and as a natural, delicate coating.

Soft Daisy Gel
  • The camouflage gel in a pastel blue color for nail sculpting.
  • Inspiring blue will add lightness to the image and harmoniously fit in as a basis for bright nail design ideas.

Soft Iris Gel
  • The camouflage gel in a pastel purple color for nail sculpting.
  • Refined shade will favorably emphasize any skin tone and will certainly become a memorable element of the image.