E.MiLac Dragon skin Matte Top Gel, 9 ml

Professional ultraviolet matte finish coating with colored fine-dispersed shimmer and holographic mirror-like particles. Unleash your favorite shades with a deep multiperspectivity of the finish coating. A velvet veil filled with a light galactic glow and magical tints of Dutch gold will create the effect of dragon scales and take your manicure into a fantasy world.

  • Triple effect: perfect matte coverage, fine shimmer, and mirror-like particles create a fantastic composition.
  • Color adaptation: the shades of the particles and shimmer change depending on the base color.
  • Self-sufficiency: the top effect visually looks like a standalone full-fledged creative design.
  • For the brightest ideas: it pairs well with gradients, sliders, stamping, and other decorations.
  • Comfortable for work: the decoration inside is evenly distributed, doesn't stick out. The top self-levels excellently, doesn't run.