E.MiLac Burnt-Out #450-455, 9 ml

Treat yourself to luxury and brightness with the Burnt-Out collection of red gel polishes!

  • Red is not only a trend but also a timeless classic. The love for red nail polish transcends seasons, as this color can add brightness and passion to everyday life.
  • The collection's advantage lies in its diversity: the vibrant crimson shade #450 'Ring the Alarm' attracts attention, highlighting boldness and selfconfidence, while the deep burgundy #455 'Brutality' symbolizes luxury and elegance, creating a unique atmosphere of harmony and comfort.
  • Using Burnt-Out collection gel polishes is simple and convenient. Their unique formula ensures rich and stable coverage for an extended period.
  • Created with modern technologies, the gel polishes meet the highest quality standards, applying easily and evenly for a flawless finish.