Set E.MiLac Bird of Passage, 9 ml

Bird of Passage gel polish set — eight summer shades, saturated with emotions, the spirit of freedom, and self-expression! Regardless of the season, there is a shade in the collection capable of uplifting the mood, delighting with its brightness and uniqueness.

  • Nail Display Tips — a convenient tool for demonstrating the shades of the collection.
  • Original branded packaging ensures safe storage of gel polishes after purchase and allows you to take the collection with you on trips.
  • Save up to 10% when purchasing a 9 ml set compared to buying individually!
  • Gifts inside! Nail design decorations + Set of 3D stickers!
  • Unique 3D stickers, available only in the set — voluminous stickers for decorating favorite items! Create unique sticker combinations for unforgettable selfies!

The Bird of Passage gel polish set includes:

E.MiLac Pink Horizon #468, 9 ml.
E.MiLac Siesta Hour #469, 9 ml.
E.MiLac Feather Grass #470, 9 ml.
E.MiLac Sandcastle #471, 9 ml.
E.MiLac August Heat #472, 9 ml.
E.MiLac Fair Wind #473, 9 ml.
E.MiLac Siren Song #474, 9 ml.
E.MiLac Lime Splash #475, 9 ml.
Naildress Slider Design #111 Greenhouse
Charmicon 3D Silicone Stickers #155 Swirl
Nail display tips
Gift inside! Set of 3D stickers, 9 pieces

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