Set Loveliness #417-422

A set Loveliness is a real gift for everyone who loves a romantic and delicate manicure. It includes six excellent shades that combine the warmth of pink and shimmer radiance. Each shade of the collection creates an inspiring feeling. The soft and delicate shades of the set perfectly emphasize femininity and lightness.
Composition set E.MiLac Loveliness #417-422, 6 ml and 9 ml:

1.E.MiLac LL Libre #417, 6 ml/9ml
2.E.MiLac LL Shiver #418, 6 ml/9 ml
3.E.MiLac LL Highlights #419, 6 ml/9 ml
4.E.MiLac LL Aphrodisia #420, 6 ml/9 ml
5.E.MiLac LL Taboo #421, 6 ml/9 ml
6.E.MiLac LL Air kiss #422, 6 ml/9 ml
7.Nail Display Tip #417-422
8.Charmicon 5D Silicone Stickers #54 Royal
9.Naildress Slider Design #67 Fusion