Naildress Slider Design #101, #104-107, #109

Naildress Slider Design #101, #104-107, #109

Naildress Slider Design - themed curly slider designs developed using proprietary technologies to create complex effective combinations with Velvet Sand, Liquid Stone gel, EMPASTA, Charmicon, Gemty gels, TEXTONE, foil and pigments.

The key features:

Naildress Slider Design #101 Childhood Game
Fashion is not as serious as it might seem at first glance. Inspired by funny cartoon characters and collected the brightest characters in one design. A playful manicure with The Looney Tunes characters is doomed to success and enthusiastic looks, so cartoon characters will definitely become the main fashion faces of the upcoming season.

Naildress Slider Design #104 Bold print
We try on the image of a rocker's girlfriend, a grunge diva and a rebel girl - we break all fashion rules by adding graphic collages and drawings with bold elements to the manicure. Pastel shades of the background with all the audacity of the scenery will add softness and femininity to the designs. Portraits of Marilyn? Cool! Bright smudges, lightning and paint strokes? Yeah, baby!

Naildress Slider Design #105 Emotions
Fans of Mickey and Minnie are invited to forget about the fabulousness of the characters and try a more daring style of manicure. Made in black and white, the elements create a memorable design, adding style to the look, challenging and rebelling against the classic monochromatic look. A bold decision, even in combination with a pastel spring-summer collection of gel polishes, will emphasize individuality and will definitely attract admiring glances.

Naildress Slider Design #106 Romantic Leaves
Lovely plant compositions and romantic leaves do not lose their popularity in manicure. We add gold and silver contours and details to the already beloved elements, which will emphasize the fragility and poignancy of the designs. Perfectly combined with both bright and pastel shades of gel polishes. A win-win option for everyday look.

Naildress Slider Design #107 Inspiration
This season, it's easy to get inspired by abstract art: you just need to choose a trendy design in the decorations. Sliders with avant-garde prints and fantasy compositions will complement the manicure in both classic and more daring designs. Delicate pastel compositions and colored strokes with the addition of gold and silver foil are just a pure abstraction of nail design.

Naildress Slider Design #109 Bright Butterflies
In nail design, butterflies have every chance to become trendy decorations again - a combination with splashes of paint, floral wings and bright dragonflies will definitely not leave anyone indifferent. In many spring-summer collections of fashion houses, fabrics and accessories with these beautiful creatures appeared, which is symbolic - all winter we were wrapped in warm clothes, and now we turn into butterflies again, at least stylistically.