Set Spectrum, 5 g

The Spectrum set is a great choice for those who like to try a little bit of everything. A collection of new neon shades from EMI in a convenient set format is suitable for familiarizing yourself with the shades and formula. All the shades in the set are also available individually in a 15g volume. The new formula of fast self-leveling gels with low viscosity is suitable for modeling, building a free edge, strengthening, and repair.

The Set includes:

Nexus Gel, 5 g.
Fusion Gel, 5 g.
Atom Gel, 5 g.
Motion Gel, 5 g.
Magnetica Gel, 5 g.
Acid Grass, 5 g.
Rhinestones White Opal #3, 50 pcs.

  • One set, the entire spectrum. Convenient format for trying out gel. A small volume will allow you to try the set without the risk of excess residues. Favorite shades are available individually in 15g volume.
  • A great offer. Save up to 15 percent when purchasing the set. Also included as a gift in the set are rhinestones to complement the look.
  • Futuristic spectrum. Neon shades helping to bring the boldest creative ideas to life. Shades of the future for present-day looks.
  • Cutting-edge formula ensuring quality modeling. Quick self-leveling makes application easy, while the gel's structure allows for modeling on both paper and dual forms.
  • Flexible rigidity. Next-generation polymers form a coating that withstands extreme bending even in a thin layer.
  • Long-lasting coverage. Material strength provides coverage resistant to damage, chips, and peeling for several weeks.

The spectrum of colorful summer moods in one set!

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