E.MiLac Color Top Gels, 9 ml

A collection of color tops in versatile soft shades saves procedure time thanks to replacing gel polish. Perfect for the French manicure technique. Stylishly overlay decorations or stamping, creating a light haze effect. Get an excellent solution for embodying creative and modern ideas in manicure.
  • Convenient combo: color and top in one bottle, saving time for the nail technician and the client.
  • Variability of shades: in 1 layer, it gives a light translucent shade, in two layers, it fully covers the nail like gel polish.
  • Convenient for creative solutions: classic colors are ideal for fans of French manicure. Suitable for overlaying designs with decorations and stamping - creates a light haze effect.
  • Resilient gloss of the coating throughout the wear time.
  • Comfort in work. The medium viscosity prevents the top from spreading, without a sticky layer.
  • Versatility. Suitable for gel polish and gel systems.


E.MiLac Color Top Beige Style, 9 ml.