E.MiLac Techno Vibes #446-448, 9 ml

Get ready for parties full of energy, movement, and unbridled fun!

The Techno Vibes collection embodies inspiration with the continuous energy and electrifying spirit of techno music. Neon shades of gel polishes will help you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a night filled with loud music and bright lights.

E.MiLac Electric #446 is a color that is suitable for any occasion and helps to express individuality, attract the attention of others, and stand out from the crowd.

E.MiLac Radiant #447 is a bold and bright choice for those who are not afraid of being noticed. Suitable for fun parties, birthdays, and any other events.

E.MiLac Volt #448 is a cool shade that will create a feeling of freshness and lightness and help create a contrasting manicure with other bright shades.
Techno Vibes gel polish collection is the perfect solution for those who are not afraid to experiment with images and create spectacular manicures. They are perfectly combined with various styles of clothing and will help add a touch of style and eccentricity to your image. The quality and durability of Techno Vibes gel polishes exceed all expectations, allowing you to enjoy bright colors on your nails for a long time. They retain a stable and intense color even after many nights of crazy dancing.

The gel polishes in the collection are created using modern technologies and meet the highest quality standards. They are easy to apply and evenly distributed, providing perfect coverage.

Electric #446
Radiant #447
Volt #448