Set EmiManicure Code 2.0

Set EmiManicure Code is a set of basic preparations for working with gel polish and gel systems.

What’s inside?

Nail Prep Aid, 9 ml
Ultrabond, 9 ml
E.MiLac Sculpt-Medium Base Gel, 9 ml
E.MiLac Fiber Base Gel Clear #01, 9 ml
E.MiLac Velvet Top Gel, 9 ml
E.MiLac Ultra Shine Top Gel, 9 ml

  • Unique box—universal combination. A special kit of EMI pillar agents. Unlock the proven solution for reliable adhesion and durable shine protection.
  • Best buy. Buying the set is more profitable than buying by pieces.
  • Convenient format. Stylish box is great either for keeping the products after purchasing or for transportation.