Express Helper, 9 ml

Express Helper visually smooths out irregularities on the nail plate and gives it a healthy appearance after removing gel polish and gel coating. Thanks to its light, nude semi-transparent coating with a subtle pearlescent finish, the product is easy to apply and quickly fills in cracks, creating a fresh and well-groomed look. It neutralizes yellowing effects and is suitable for both home use by end consumers and for salon clients seeking a nail polish treatment.

Express Helper is a nail polish that combines the properties of decorative, strengthening, and protective coatings. Key active ingredients, such as Vitamin E, calcium pantothenate (Vitamin B5), and silicon compounds, protect the nails from splitting, making them stronger and more durable without losing elasticity.

The product will be an ideal assistant in cases where it is necessary to quickly tidy up the appearance of the nails and create a durable protective coating.

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