E.MiLac Base Gel Pearl Pink #13

  • Soft rose-colored shade with a subtle shimmering.
  • Base gel and camouflage base gel properties all in one bottle.
  • Stylish nude coating – perfect as a self-sufficient nail coating and for French manicure.
  • Medium viscosity for comfortable nail sculpting, strengthening, and aligning. 

Before using the camouflage base gel, it is recommended to use E.MiLac Base Gel.

  1. Prepare the natural nail plate. Use a soft nail file to remove off the shine.
  2. Degrease the surface of the natural nail.
  3. Apply the liquid E.MiLac Base Gel in a thin layer. Polymerize for 2 minutes in any lamp.
  4. Apply the camouflage E.MiLac Base Gel in a strengthening layer. Polymerize for 2 minutes in any lamp.
  5. On top of the camouflage E.MiLac Base Gel, draw a French using E.MiLac gel polish “White Lotus” #001-01 and coat either with E.MiLac Top Gel or E.MiLac Top gel Tackless.