Stained Glass Gel Collection Through the Glass, 15 g

Stained glass gels are designed to model and lengthen the free edge. Ideal for bold stained glass, deep aquarium and volume designs. Classic and pure shades blend perfectly with each other, which allows the master to experiment and create new shades, feeling the freedom of creativity. The viscosity is below average.

Three crystal-clear shades:

Amberina Gel is a rich pink stained glass gel for modeling.
Mazarine Gel is a deep blue stained glass gel for modeling.
Viridian Gel is a fresh green stained glass gel for modeling.

Easy-to-apply gel is well modeled and leveled, does not spread, perfectly holds the arch and requires minimal filing, allowing the master to save time.

Amberina Gel
Mazarine Gel
Viridian Gel