Nail strengthening treatments. Intense Care Matte Effect.

Nails can become brittle and weak, then start to chip and peel due to many factors from exposure to water via hand washing or sanitizing, gel nail polish removal, habits like nail picking or biting, and more.

Nail strengthening treatments can help with brittleness and keep nails looking strong and healthy.

We have a solution! Intense Care Matte Effect, 9 ml! 🌱

• K-boost complex with keratin enhances the state of the nail plate, restoring the keratin layer and strengthening the nail structure.

• Biotin naturally stimulates the formation of keratin in the nails to intensively hydrate and restore the moisture balance in the nails.

• Caffeine improves the nail plate’s barrier functions to protect from contact with water, chemicals, dirt, etc.

• Vitamins incorporated in this product nourish and hydrate the nail plate, stimulating the growth of the strong nail plate.

• The nail coating is between matte and shiny, which makes it ideal for both men and women.

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