E.MiLac Daredevil #449, 9 ml

The deep and intense red color of "Daredevil" perfectly conveys the emotions of passion and courage. This shade attracts attention and creates the impression of a strong, confident personality ready to step forward boldly and conquer the world. Whether you choose this gel polish for an everyday look with a touch of passion or for a special event where you need to appear confident and striking, "Daredevil" will give your nails a unique accent and elegant brilliance.

  • The gel polish in a bright red shade #449, named Daredevil, is not just a color but a true "Daredevil." Rich and energetic, it embodies power and confidence. It intrigues, captures gazes, and adds a touch of risk to everyday life.
  • Despite its vibrancy, the gel polish #449 Daredevil possesses stunning elegance. The classic red shade without an orange undertone lends nails a subtle chic and sophistication. It's the perfect choice for special events when you need to look impeccable.
  • A true find for any nail industry professional. Thanks to its dense texture and convenient anatomical brush, it's easy to apply and spreads evenly, providing ideal coverage.
  • The gel polish is created using modern technologies and meets the highest quality standards. Its long-lasting coverage without chipping or fading makes it indispensable for a professional's work.

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