E.MiLac Golden Safari #439-444, 9 ml

The Golden Safari gel polish collection is a source of inspiration for those who appreciate individuality and originality. Its bold shades captivate with their simplicity and elegance, promising to add a special touch to any look.

The collection features six beautiful shades that harmoniously complement each other. They are easy to apply and dry quickly, making the manicure exceptionally comfortable and convenient. Each gel polish in the collection contains shimmer, adding expressiveness and leaving an incredible shine on the surface. The inspiration drawn from the contemplation of sandy blends and golden dunes creates a unique style for any fashion-conscious woman who can use this collection to create her own distinct look.

Each shade of the collection conveys the spirit of travel. This is a real story inspired by natural beauties. A unique combination of tones and textures allows you to create an inimitable look. Warm sandy and golden colors are suitable for any skin tone and add brightness and energy to the manicure, while the shimmer will add incredible shine and reveal the depth of color.