E.MiLac Hunt Club #425-432, 9 ml

The Hunt Club collection is a palette of eight shades for the Fall-Winter 2023/24 season that will undoubtedly serve as a source of inspiration for anyone aiming to express themselves and find their way in the world of fashion and style. Each shade in this collection has a unique undertone in its history, allowing every woman to identify with it and discover her personal significance within it.

The shades presented in the collection range from warm, earthy tones to cool, deep shades of green. They convey a special atmosphere of tranquility that immerses us in the magical world of autumn landscapes. These colors stimulate our senses and memories, evoking a nostalgic mood and a reverent admiration for the forces of nature.

  • The shade "Rose Water" is a delicate light pink color with a subtle shimmer, creates a sense of lightness and romance.
  • The shade "Chiseled Stone" is a light gray shade with a gentle sheen, its texture resembling stone. It perfectly accentuates strength and durability, symbolizing solid foundations and resilience in life.
  • The shade "Willow Bush" is a tender color of dusty minty tones that adds a special allure and charm to the manicure. As the main color, "Willow Bush" gives the manicure a classic elegance.
  • The shade "Amazon" is a deep and sensual hue with a greenish-blue undertone, reminiscent of a fading landscape in the autumn-winter season.
  • The shade "Antique Bronze" is a classic bronze shade with a radiant shimmer, serving as rhinestone of any manicure.
  • The shade "Honey Mustard" is a warm mustard shade that suits all skin tones. Thanks to the versatility of the honey-mustard shade, it can be easily integrated into a daily look, creating an original manicure.
  • The shade "Dark Truffle" is a shimmering metallic anthracite color that has become one of the most popular shades of the season, versatile yet playful and attractive.
  • The shade "Oak Bark" is a color resembling oak bark, coffee, bitter chocolate, and cognac. An earthy tone that is indispensable and relevant in the autumn-winter season.

The palette of shades in the collection is not only a reflection of fashion trends and style but also a source of inspiration. Thanks to this collection, every woman can experience the magic of autumn and recharge with its energy, rediscovering the wonderful world of fashion and style.


E.MiLac HC Rose Water #425, 9 ml.
E.MiLac HC Chiseled Stone #426, 9 ml.
E.MiLac HC Willow Bush #427, 9 ml.
E.MiLac HC Amazon #428, 9 ml.
E.MiLac HC Antique Bronze #429, 9 ml.
E.MiLac HC Honey Mustard #430, 9 ml.
E.MiLac HC Dark Truffle #431, 9 ml.
E.MiLac HC Oak Bark #432, 9 ml.