E.MiLac From Dawn to Dusk #403-408

From Dawn to Dusk #403-408

Set From Dawn To Dusk consists of bright, rich, and deep colors.
6 delicate shades to create the trendiest manicure of the spring-summer 2023 season.

The key features:

  • Feel the flavor of a hot summer! Six shades for the most beautiful season of the year: when you can have fun, the sky is clear, and the warm air embraces.
  • A bright and original color palette encourages experimentation: the combination of orange-coral with purple, green, and red in the set is an oriental combination built on a light thermal contrast.
  • The highly pigmented formula of the gel polish ensures color stability throughout the entire period of wear, and thanks to its ideal viscosity, the gel polish quickly self-levels and dries in the lamp.
  • The original semicircular brush provides a uniform coating and allows you to apply the material as close as possible to the cuticle and side rollers.