E.MiLac #409-416 Soulful Morning

E.MiLac #409-416 Soulful Morning — Spring/Summer 2023

• Spring is coming! And there's no better way to update your look than to create the perfect manicure in new pastel shades!
• From soft pink to mint green. The collection's shades are made for adding lightness and freshness to any outfit.
• The highly pigmented formula ensures the long-lasting manicure.
• Ideal texture and viscosity: not too thick or runny, self-levels quickly, and dries in a lamp.
• The original semicircular brush provides even coverage. It allows you to apply the material as close as possible to the cuticle and side ridges.


• Collection Soulful Morning is gentle, pastel, and light. Eight refreshing shades reflect the feeling of freedom and lightness in the spring-summer vibes.
• From soft purple to tiffany. Dense shades are perfect for creating trendy monochromatic manicures and gradient designs.
• A set of nail display tips. The kit includes nail display tips to prepare the demonstration of shades to clients.
• Convenient format for getting to know all the shades from the collection.