Firm Flux Gels, 9 ml

F&F Gel is a line with an innovative formula that combines the best properties of a classic gel system with a comfortable consistency of the base. The exceptional strength and rigidity of acrylic will ideally last the entire period of wear, and thanks to its comfortable consistency and perfect self-leveling, it will be easy for a technician with any level of training to work.

*F&F Gel is the abbreviated name of the line.

4 camouflage shades:

  • Blanc Firm Flux Gel is a flawless white shade without yellowness. Always an up-to-date classic for a clean and expressive manicure.
  • Rosaly Firm Flux Gel is a charming pink shade. At the same time, a light and elegant accent, suitable for any image and mood.
  • Sandy Firm Flux Gel is a weightless cream shade. It lies down with a light nude veil, creating the trendy effect of natural nails.
  • Tawny Firm Flux Gel is a silky pink shade. A noble multi-season shade that gives the look an exquisite appeal.

Firm Flux Gel has a medium viscosity level among the products of the Acrygel’s subcategory. Suitable for normal, thin, and weakened nails. Designed to work in various techniques of the classical gel system: modeling, free edge extension, strengthening, correction, alignment, and repair, work with and without filing.

Suitable for all kinds of lamps:


Polymerization in LED, LED/CCFL, UV, and CCFL lamps: 2 min.

Blanc Firm Flux Gel
Rosaly Firm Flux Gel
Sandy Firm Flux Gel
Tawny Firm Flux Gel